Utilizing railroads to solve emergency response problems

Emergency Rail Concepts is a forum for developing Disaster response plans utilizing rail assets. Emergency response planners need to incorporate the use of railroads in their community and medical evacuation plans. The use of rail assets solves many of the evacuation and logistic problems that occurred during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita when interstates were in gridlock and airports were flooded.

You are welcome to use any information in this web site. The intent is to strengthen our response to natural disasters and terrorist attacks so that our citizens will survive.

Update: 2015

The original author, David Kelly, had over 20 years of experience responding to natural disasters and civil disturbances as an officer in the National Guard and served as an officer of an operating non-profit railroad. The new web team (who are also train enthusiasts, n-gauge model amateurs and enjoy playing train games on the web) hope to take on the strong minded principles as shown by David to make America a safer country for all it's citizens.

Site Purpose

The purpose of this site is to present ideas that could solve emergency evacuation and response problems that have occurred during 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and other major disasters and civil unrest in the United States. The site is under development and will continue to be developed and updated. The ideas here have been presented before but were dismissed in favor of utilizing motor vehicle based systems that depended upon a reliable and accessible highway system. Because of the events of Hurricane Katrina and Rita this site has been opened early in hopes that emergency planners will incorporate some of the concepts in to their emergency plans to safe guard their communities in the event of similar disasters.

The concepts presented on this web site were developed in response to After Action Reviews of major natural disasters, and events of civil unrest. The use of hospital and surgical trains were very successful during the first and second World Wars and should be used again. Amtrak is a national asset that has been left out of the National Response plan for mass evacuation.